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Job Vacancies


1 x Licensed Fixer (NAMM or BRAMM)

1 x Letter Cutter (Sandblaster)

Based at our Dunstable factory in Bedfordshire.

At a future date, we may be looking to employ a "Licensed Fixer" and an experienced "Sandblaster" style of Letter Cutter.

The Fixing position is for a Full Time Fixer (not a contractor), who holds a valid Namm or Bramm fixing License. A driving License is essential for this role. Other masonry skills would be of great help although not key to the position.

The Letter Cutter position is for a contemporary Letter Cutter, who would be using a sandblaster (not hand cut). Other memorial masonry skills such as Hand Cutting, Polishing, Masoning and Fixing would be a bonus but not essential to this role.

Excellent Hourly Rates, variable dependent upon experience.


Please call 01582 672383